Prospective Students

I accept graduate students (Masters/Ph.D.) through the School of Sustainability, the WP Carey School of Business through the Ph.D. in Economics, the School of Life Sciences where I’m approved to mentor through the Biology and Biology and Society degree programs, and the School of Human Evolution and Social Change through the Environmental Social Science Ph.D.  Contact me directly if you are interested in me as a potential mentor for your studies.

A strong graduate student candidate for my type of work:

  1. Is fascinated by the intersection of human behavior and the environment
  2. Enjoys using mathematical and statistical models to draw useful generalities from complex underlying phenomena
  3. Has a strong preparation in mathematics and statistics (ideally: calculus, matrix algebra, and basic probability theory)
  4. Has some exposure to microeconomics (or is willing to take at least 2 such courses at a graduate level)

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